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what time it will take to come taxi in related place after order?

Its depends upon distance and situation.

Is there additional cost of order vechile by app?

You can check on website of metro sewa for fare/ coat and can be negotiate between driver and passenger as well

What should we do if we have to cancel order after somewhile?

You can cancel order by both parties (driver and passenger)

What would we do if taxi have to face traffic jam and anable to come in time?

Taxi driven can cancel instantly and passenger will get notification.

IS it 24 hour services or only day services?

Generally it is 24 hours service.

Is it affordable to outside valley too? for how many days we can hold taxi?

We have not pre-book system till now, in future we may provide those service too.

Is it convenient and safe ride ?

Driver, passenger and vehicle company all should make their profile that is why it is safe and convenient ride for both parties.

How does it works?

All parties firstly have to download this app from play store of your mobile and then have to register your profile than can use this service.

Could we call more than 1 taxi at same time?

yes, you can

How much does it charges to us to reject order?

You can see on the website also depends upon vehicle type and situation.

Is it Faster than general order?

Its depends upon situation.

All type of mobile can use metro sewa?

Metro Sewa is available for Android & iOS.

I had done register vechile and drivers' profile but I am not getting notification.

You have assigned managed.

What things are needed to register vechile and driver?

Drivers personal detail with photo and driving licence and vehicles' detail such as vehicles no, blue book etc.

Can we see our transaction during month, week or certain time period?

You can check all your transaction such as no of job successful, no of reject etc.

Can we comment about driver or service?

Yes you can comment about driver and service by using app.

Should we contact to vechile company for register our vehicle / can we individually register ?

Should we contact to vehicle company for register our vehicle / can we individually register ?

Should we contact to vehicle company for register our vehicle / can we individually register ?

You can contact to vehicle company as well you can register your vehicle individually by filling up your profile and detail about your vehicle.

Can we buy package?

yes, you can buy different package.

Can we alternate vehicles and driver?

You can alternate vehicles and driver through dispatcher management.

Can we see the profile of driver who is coming?

Driver's name and photo will appear on your mobile.

. What can we do if we need vehicles emergency and we get no vehicle notification?

You can contract to control room may control room manage any vehicle for you.

Can Vehicle company get all information about vehicles and driver?


Can we add vehicles again and again?

Yes, you have to contact to us.

What should we do if we get problems on app?

You have to contact to us

How to operate this app?

first you have to download this app through google play and install then can use it.

How can we contact to driver?

If you already registered in this app then log on your id and contact them.

Should we register homogeneous vehicles?

Not necessary to be homogeneous

How can pay fare by customer?

You can use app to calculate your fare and can be negotiate as well.

Can we use e-payment?

You have to pay in cash.

Should we come to office for vehicles register?

You can register through app.

How much cost you take to register for vehicles?

You can buy package and can contact to us.

Can we delete this user id?


What kind of Insurance do metro sewa driver need?

Contrary to popular belief, Metro sewa drivers don’t need to purchase commercial insurance in order to carry passengers.

What rules does metro sewa have for its drivers?

We’ve already covered the main requirements for the job – a smartphone and a decent ride. But those aren’t the only criteria.Metro sewa has also implemented a scoring system that lets users rate their experience and leave feedback. In addition to those requirements, Metro sewa also requires its drivers to be 21 or over, and have no major accidents in the past few years, A clean driving record also helps, although a speeding ticket or two may not necessarily disqualify you from the gig completely.